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marți, 20 martie 2012


Paragrafele(paragraphs)- sunt constituite dintr-un număr de propoziţii grupate în jurul unei idei principale. De obicei încep cu ideea de bază, care apoi este dezvoltată cu ajutorul celorlalte propoziţii sau fraze ajutătoare. Acestea sunt legate între ele cu  expresii şi cuvinte de legătură(conectori).Un nou paragraf începe odată cu introducerea unei noi idei, care trebuie dezvoltată la rândul ei. Între cele două paragrafe se lasă un spaţiu vizibil, sau se foloseşte indentarea (prima propoziţie din paragraf se scrie mai în interior).
Exprimarea opiniei personale:
In my opinion/view, to my mind, to my way of thinking, I  am convinced that, it is my firm belief that, I am inclined to believe that, it seems to me that, as far as I am concerned
Exprimarea opiniei altora:
It is (popularly) believed that, people often claim that, it is often alleged that, some people argue that, many argue that, most people feel tha, some people point out that
Enumerarea avantajelor şi dezavantajelor:
One advantage of/disadvantage......another advantage/disadvantage of, a further advantage/disadvantage of, the main advantage/disadvantage of, the greatest advantage/disadvantage of
Enumerarea argumentelor:
Firstly/ first of all/ in the first place, secondly, thirdly, finally, to start/begin with, after this/that, afterwards, then, next, lastly, last  but not least
Adăugarea argumentelor (pozitive şi negative):
What is more…, furthermore, apart from this, in adition to this/that, moreover, besides this, not only......but also, neither...nor
Exprimarea cauzei:
Because, owing to the fact that, due to the fact that, on the grounds that, since, as, in view of, for this reason, seeing that
Exprimarea efectului:
Thus, therefore, so, consequently, as a result, as a consequence
Exprimarea scopului:
So that, so as to, in order that, with the purpose/intention of
Exprimarea realităţii:
It is a fact that, in effect, as a mere fact, the fact of the matter is that, actually, indeed, in practice
Exprimarea condiţiei:
On condition that, provided/providing that, as long as, only if, in the event of/that, in case of, whether, otherwise...or, if
Exprimarea excepţiei:
Apart from, but, except (for)
Exprimarea consecinţei:
Consequently, as a result, if so, if not, otherwise
Exprimarea timpului:
When/whenever, before, after, until/till, since, for, while, now that
Exprimarea similarităţii:
Similarly, likewise, in the same way
Exprimarea contrastului:
Yet, however, nevertheless, but, even so, still, nonetheless, although, even though, regardless of, in spite of the fact that, despite the fact that, while
Exprimarea concluziei.
Finally, lastly, all in all, taking everything into account/consideration, on the whole, all things considered, in conclusion, on balance, for the above mentioned reasons, to sum up, in short,in brief, in a nutshell, to put it briefly.

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